IFTTT is a technology startup that allows users to easily integrate their favorite services and create automated workflows.

The Project

The IF app allows users to make connections between web services to automate their workflows. For example, you can set up a trigger so that every Instagram photo you take is automatically saved to Dropbox.

I’m personally a big fan of IFTTT — but was surprised that more of my friends don’t regularly use it themselves. On my own, I decided to investigate if usability issues might be a factor and focused my efforts on the iOS app. 

Development of Proto-Persona

To kick off the project, I gathered information from news sites and read IF’s reviews in the App Store and Google Play store. Based on my research, I created Jane — a millennial urban professional who might use the app.

jane persona-1

Guerilla Usability Testing

I thought about where Jane might spend time if she lived in San Francisco and visited cafés and bars to find testers that matched her description. In total, I completed usability tests with 5 strangers. I tested a range of scenarios with them, including: signing up, adding and creating recipes, and checking to see if a recipe had run.

Many of the problems I identified centered around the experience of adding a recipe. Four out of five testers had problems creating a recipe from scratch — and one person did not think it was possible to do so.

IF - Pain points

Task Flow and Wireframe

I investigated the existing task flow for adding and creating a recipe in the IF app. I realized there was an opportunity to reduce the number of taps between landing on the home screen and creating recipes.

Before: Task Flow to Add Recipes
Before: Task Flow to Add Recipes
After: Task Flow to Add Recipes
After: Task Flow to Add Recipes

High-Fidelity Prototype

Next, I explored different concepts that might improve usability and give more prominence to the add function. I sketched multiple ideas on paper and decided on one that I believed was a) easier for users to access, and b) inexpensive to implement. I also made a couple smaller changes to the UI to enhance the existing navigation design and created an InVision prototype to demonstrate the updated flow.

View the modified design here.