The number of high-tech, immigrant-founded startups has stagnated and is on the verge of decline.

The Report

America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Then and Now is a research paper that examines immigrant technology entrepreneurs in the United States. The report was authored and conducted by Vivek Wadhwa, F. Daniel Siciliano, and AnnaLee Saxenian of Duke University, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley.


The study re-evaluated the rate of immigrant entrepreneurship between 2006 to 2012. Our report was an update to a paper that had analyzed the rate of immigrant entrepreneurship between 1995 and 2005. We discovered that U.S. companies who had at least one foreign-born founder dropped from 25.3% to 24.3%. In Silicon Valley, the difference was even more significant dropping from 52.4% to 43.9%.

My Role

I hired, trained, and managed a team of 13 researchers to execute the research. We cold called and cold emailed 1,882 companies to collect information and achieve a 62% response rate.

I also worked to QA the collected information, organize and analyze data, and assist the authors with finalizing the report. Upon its publishing, I helped promote the findings and coordinate with journalists and reporters.


The study is the basis for The Immigrant Exodus, named a 2012 Book of the Year by The Economist. The study and book have received wide acclaim and have been covered by Forbes, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, the Financial Times, NPR, and more. The findings have also been cited during congressional hearings to reform U.S. immigration policies.

You can read the published report here.

(Credit: Kauffman Foundation)
(Credit: Kauffman Foundation)